Decorating your home with a Nautical theme

If you've always wanted to live ocean or sail the seven seas, but find themselves stuck in the land-locked States, you can decorate your home with fabulous sea theme. At sea for you is one way to keep your dreams from childhood into adulthood.

One of the best things about choosing to use nautical decor in your home is that the possibilities are endless. There is a never-ending supply of inspiration, as well as unique pieces, you can use to make your home truly marine however original.

Establishment of the coast D cor

Some people prefer the only hint of the sea, just a couple love to include pieces here and there in their house. You could start by painting a room with sky blue and some white base boards, and then add a couple of photos on the beach. Putting up pictures or photographs is one way for you to bring the topic to a room not tacky. The best thing about using a photo as the decor is that you can easily change them. If you find another picture or painting that you like more easy to remove old and put a new one. Very little work.

To expand its coverage

Even a small change, you can implement adds several nautical themed lamps and fixtures. There are many variants of novelty lamps shaped like a light house for ships, taken from the bulkheads. Add some fantastic works of light to your home, you can instantly brighten your mood and bring you more inspiration for adding more thematic parts. You can even switch ceiling light with a fantastic New light.

Authentic inspiration

Bringing home all you actually found on the beach or on the boat is always a faster way to create a theme in your home. You can put some sea shells or star fish for decorating or buy some candles with them already built in. Throwing up old fisherman net frame on the wall between a pair of prints you can make them instant focal piece.

Something a bit more of what you can do is to use port holes like windows. Rooms like kitchens and bathrooms typically have small Windows and can be the perfect place to use port hole window instead of the traditional ship, or at least a window in the form of a port. When decorating a marine theme possibilities are endless!


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