Exterior Paint Combinations 2011

Exterior Paint Combinations 2011 : A great home that suits our personality is what everyone looks for. Good color sense and knowledge helps us fulfill our wish of having a home-sweet-home. Your house should standout well as compared to the neighbors and surroundings. Look at your home structure carefully while selecting the exterior paint combinations. Homeowners tend to leave out their roof or wooden panels while selecting exterior paint color combinations, which may cause expenses later on. 

A combination of gray and off-white can give the building that old historic look. Darkish pink too makes the structure look neat while projecting olden times. Brighter colors like blue, green, red, etc., can be used for those newly constructed modern structures. They need to look very attractive from far and thus attract a lot of people. If the building has many windows, then a combination of pale white and brown is best suited.

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