Exterior House Color Combination

Exterior House Color Combination 2011 : Classic combination can play up the effect of a color which might look dull if used alone for painting the entire exterior wall area. If dual colors are not fitting in your choice, go for this. Choose a single dark paint color for entire wall surface and add white colors for the wall trims only. Believe me, this is one of the popular exterior house color ideas that you must think of implementing.

While choosing one of the various exterior house color schemes for a house paint, make sure that the final look will not be flashy. Remember that a decent color combination is what makes the best looking exteriors. Combinations like lightest gray with maroon, lightest yellow with crimson or white with a beige are the best picks for exterior walls. Remember that white can be best paired with any of the aforementioned colors. 

Exterior House Color Combination 2011

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