Tree Shaped Saitan Villa Facade in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

Unique and stunning home design

This is Villa Saitan Tree Shaped Facade. Located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Saitan Villa was designed as a residential project of 11 units for one person. EAST Designed by Design Office, the architecture is built on the alley from Nishioji-Hachijo, which houses a little town about 100 years old remain. Views facade designed based on the shape of trees such as motive, to make people see that architecture is a tree.

Some exploration has been created by the architecture to the open, edge sharpness, the outline of the curve, and the total relationship between them. Thus, making the shape of the tree as the most dynamic among all the possibilities. Residential entrance is tree roots, where people enter into the root.

Entrance design is set in the style of the park road that seems to house in the city of Kyoto. The trunk grows from the roots, and dynamic stretches to the sky. Around the slit, there is a window of leaves and flowers. 11 housing units distributed into the interior of the leaves and flowers. Design of all housing units are different.

A design of open space set in the side alley site. A garden path is set in the heart of architecture. It connects open space for the neighbors yard north of town. This area still keeps the peripheral air since the old days, although the number of high-rise apartments and office buildings rise gradually increased.

The total area used for building this 302 square meter building with three stories above the ground. "Tree Housing" indicates one of the solutions of low-rise housing project in a quiet residential area but solid built.

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