Minimalist Modern House Interior Wood Model

This is a Modern Minimalist Interior House Model Wood. A harmonious blend between the interior of the house and home building facades will make your house look good in view. Moreover, if your house model home interior design is certainly a minimalist type homes and style should match your own house minimalist model.

Interior House will not escape with sitting room, of course, you can design an interior room with a living room with color or style ornament round ornament, boxes or geometric shape as interior access to living room TV cabinet or cabinet display goods - your antiques .

If you want your house minimalist traditional impression you could add a minimalist interior of the house on a table or chair with teak wood in traditional designs or can be a collection of objects when you are traveling to Bali or regions - areas that offer by the unique local handicrafts or objects - objects when you go abroad.

Iridescence on the family room which uses wood to choose from with teak wood which has good qualities could also nyantoh with wood fibers with a straight - straight or mahogany color with a reddish rather simple design does not use carving - carving or profile .

Color - bright colors is perfect for additional bedroom house minimalist interior rooms can sleep on the bed headboard if you like the wallpaper you can choose a picture - a picture with shades of leaf - leaves, chicken - ayaman bamboo or images - drawings other.

While the tables and chairs in the dining room, also selected a simple model. His top table can use wood, can also wear glasses. Dining room ornamented walls, such as sandstone, Yogyakarta and mirror glass boxes (stained glass).

Then for the lighting using geometric-shaped pendants, round, box, or a prism. While for the high chair, most with high backing and material used is usually 'chenille' brown, beige or black leather.

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