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"Minimalist home architecture" is the people's choice now because it's minimalist architecture able to address the challenges of today's society lifestyle. Which tends to completely practical, efficient and economical.

Minimalist home trends as well as many in the public interest, also due to the development of material technology which is currently developing a versatile modular and mass production.

Based on the development of society and life styles of building materials that developed the idea of forming the "architect" for creating a more comprehensive architecture, minimalist but the results remain maximal.

to achieve the minimalist design of the house desperately needed an architect specialist for minimalist architecture also, do not be until either select an architect. Because if one select architects, came off the minimalist architect.

Examples of architects who pursue minimalist architecture with experience in designing homes for more than hundreds of homes are smack Rony, are scattered in various islands in Indonesia and even now already started to spread overseas.

To start $ 1 / m 2 we provide architectural consulting services that are affordable to society at large. So we hope the architects can enjoy by all people.

Examples of home design:

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