Before and After: Designing Minimalist Backyard Makeover

Minimalist design examples prior Backyard Makeover

Minimalist design samples before and after the Backyard Makeover. Georgiadis Caliopie recently brought home a dream in Brooklyn, but there's only one left nightmare lurking in the background. concrete box in his backyard resembles more than a state prison and fled the city contemporary cool. Host Matt James to change concrete into heaven blank canvas like Zen.

After moving from Manhattan in colder hub-out of Brooklyn, a city girl Caliopie is longing for a place for relaxing or partying with friends. Although he wanted a minimalist pages, the existing concrete box whose pages have been referred by friends as a prison exercise yard!

Matt's challenge is to come up with a design that softens the hard space and can be managed for the first time gardener. His plan is to use concrete as a base course for the cedar deck and keep the style simple planting bamboo and perennials with easy maintenance.
Minimalist design examples after Backyard Makeover

To work with a huge concrete pad, Matt decided to attract the best measure of this space-feature. With decking floor with red cedar, it can maximize the area to entertain while also covering the concrete. New park has a minimalist design that creates a sense of Zen-like homeowners desired.

The cedar decking is a budget friendly alternative to IPE and other hardwoods. Instead of painting, what is left of the wall and add a feel, gritty urban settings. When viewed in relation to the decking, the space is accented by, a simple straight line.

Because Caliopie not an avid gardener and worked for hours, she wanted a low maintenance backyard. So the new space a few planters filled with golden bamboo (Phyllostachys Aurea) and colorful perennials such as gaura (Gaura lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink'). Golden bamboo can be quite invasive, so it's better to grow up in a bathtub if you have a small garden. For someone like Caliopie who are not sure how to care for plants, the best part is it takes very little maintenance. Only occasional water once established.
Minimalist design after a Backyard Makeover

Bamboo is a great architectural plant that adds height and bulk to any planting scheme. Plus it is not good in containers. There are hundreds of types available, some of which can grow to 40 feet or more. These factors that encourage high-Mart to use them here.

Cool slate tile at the entrance to the park by adding a contrasting wood decking. Also visit: Minimalist Home Designs

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