Minimalist House Design Idol Still Being in Property Market

minimalist home designsMinimalist Home Designs

Minimalist home design an option many people. Simple and elegant, that's among the reasons for them. They are concerned with things that are essential and functional well-deserved vote minimalist house design.

Those who have a philosophy of "small but good quality" is also worth choosing a minimalist home design. Home spaces left much relieved as part of the interior, and not a lot of stuff that is easy to clean.

Minimalist house design continues to grow. We have also been present a new concept of modern minimalist design is minimalist. This design uses a modern collaboration and minimalist design. Multipurpose approach and more emphasis on contemporary design. Decorative elements of home design is no longer just rely on field forms such as cubes and blocks, but also other elements such as cones and cylinders.

Urban communities also have the option of alternative building concepts are packed in tropical minimalist form. This concept is considered suitable to be applied on a limited land in urban areas. By adopting the design, one can find a comfortable place to live, and privacy maintained.

As an example of its application, the glass windows and air holes in the wall mounted front and rear walls of the house for fresh air circulation and facilitate the smooth entry of natural light and confirms the impression 'outer space arms'.

Characteristic of tropical designs can be presented through the form gable and canopy that can reduce hot sun. The roof is also nicely when combined with transparent walls designed 'pushed' out of the roof.

The use of natural materials like stone that lines the front wall and floor terrace, combined with manufacturing materials like steel canopy and flat roof tiles will reinforce the minimalist style of tropical harmony.

Are you a match has a minimalist style house? Try to check in the bedroom or in your guest room. How many essential items that are not there? If you like to collect ornaments and Snacks and hung in the living room or bedroom, you may not match the style of minimalist homes.

Moreover, if you are a collector of antiques, do not force myself to make the house minimalist design. Well, if you like the dinner table was always clean and the only available food in each meal, you fit a minimalist home.

These things can be footing when to buy a house from the developer. Therefore, the supply of middle-class homes from the developers under general lately minimalist style.

Will modern minimalist home design is still going to be a trend in the next few years?

"Minimalist design is still popular to this day and also in the next few years. Even if the global crisis recovery situations, minimalist design will increasingly become a costly work with the best materials, "said Budi A Sukada, former Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Architects (IAI).

There are several factors that make the modern home design remains minimalist ngetren in the next few years. Among them, according to Budi, Indonesia architects and designers will still be oriented fashion trends abroad who like minimalist design. In short, the architect in the country is still going to follow overseas trends and can not be creative.

Minimalist House Design Idol Still Being in Property Market

In fact, he added, was probably the work of interior design for residential is always changing every year. Contrast, architecture design buildings that require long, can only be changed once every 10 years.

"Minimalist Design has always been a warm discussion, and many architects who beautify the pattern of modern minimalist look at residential to add value," said the lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, University Tarumanegara it.

Unfortunately, continued Budi, in general, architects in Indonesia are not creative and just went along with the concept in other countries. "We have no creative ideas and fundamentals of the architects of the country in developing the property. Superpower nations can always suppress the creativity of other countries are weaker in the world, including architecture, "said Budi complain.

Some architects are combining modern minimalist design and environmentally friendly. The concept of eco-friendly housing is currently also a warm conversation. Unfortunately, this new concept is only symbolic and not really well implemented.

"I'd agree with the concept of minimalist design, especially by using environmentally friendly materials. If architects can 'play' with the good in these materials, the resulting property will have a high selling value, "he said.

Budi rate, interior design trends and architectural building currently very dependent on the material used materials such as ceramics, wood, paint, and marble. "Creativity in design may occur with the use of building materials. If you see the trend that more and more materials and complete good today, should the architect can create new and unique ideas. So, although using a minimalist concept, can be seen large residential and luxurious.

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