Classic Minimalist House Design At Affordable Prices

Classic Minimalist House Design At Affordable Prices

This classic American minimalist house design is the end result of intelligent planning, high performance materials, and passive design techniques. Designed on a $ 100,000 dollar budget by Michigan firm Dominick Tringali Architects, the project is set to be a prototype for the next generation of Habitat for Humanity home. Let's take a closer look at the design sketch or his house plans.

Floor plan design of the first home decoration

Design floor plan home design both

One sure way to affordable green housing is a clever construction details. The whole house was built for a standard size (I bought off the shelf materials), allowing for rapid assembly, construction consistent numbers, and minimal waste. For example, the roof pitch is designed for standard plywood dimensions, and wall studs were stacked in 24 "for maximum isolation. In addition, the walls and ceilings built site with detailed computer-assisted to avoid wasted drywall.

Included in the budget is Energy Star windows, external doors, equipment and supplies, while high efficiency furnace and tankless water heaters will all be helpful to keep utility bills low. High performance materials and clear big help, but the savings really begin to add movement through the house a simple design.

By applying some basic principles of passive design, residents will also enjoy a better quality of life high with living spaces healthier and lower bills. A wrap around porch and roof line was extended first floor shaded living room, while also providing a fantastic paradise-weather months. With a little window on the north-facing facade and canopy above the window to the south, the house protected from unwanted heat loss and gain.

Each bedroom and living room equipped with at least two windows, allowing for natural ventilation and day lighting. Properly siting the house, he would take advantage of existing vegetation that will protect from the harsh heat of summer and winter wind. While sustainable design so many noble reasons, in this case beyond the ethical arguments and included in the category of social justice, because one day a family in need will grow happily in this house.

This classic home is one-of-a-kind mix of sustainability, affordability, and social justice. Reaches back to the era of elegant architecture, the style is a return to traditional design, in which they are a niche market. It's always great to see one goal that seemed impossible affordable, single-family LEED Platinum treated with reverence icons for details American buildings.

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