House Painting Preparation for 2011

House Painting Preparation for 2011 : Repairs and Scraping the Old Paint: Fix the exterior house walls if you find holes or cracks and scrape off all  Select some old clothes that are loose and comfortable to wear for carrying out the paint job. Cover your hair with a scarf or shower cap and wear eyeglasses so that drops of paint do not fall on your hair and eyes when you paint the ceiling. First and the foremost tip that I would like to give you is that complete all the paint preparation work one day before the actual day of painting. Otherwise, you will be so tired after the preparation work that your painting job may get neglected. Arrange for the clothes that you will wear for the painting work. The old paint with the scraping tools. Gather your basic tools to clean the walls, like paint scraper, sandpaper, putty knife, wire brush and a water pipe. Cover the outdoor furniture, sideways and other things, to protect them from dripping paint. Remove all the paint from the walls. Ensure that you off your jewelry. Wear slip-on shoes as they can be taken off easily every time you are going out of the room.   
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