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Create more space in your home by creating an extension or greenhouse, there seems to be the most expensive outlay. second you will ever make, saving time, money and stress.

1. many people make the mistake of calling a constructor to discuss their building projects. Unfortunately, the build will not know if you can get planning permission, even if you went to far as to draw a floor plan. They have fewer opportunities to be had, and certainly may well decline to refer you. Fees for construction until they have seen the full plans for new regulations.

2. many people are under the misapprehension that because one's neighbour has created a few years ago. They can create the same exact thing. Unfortunately, not necessarily the case any offer has been extended, except within your planning guidelines within will be monitored and evaluated based on their behaviour and can rely on a number of factors. Before the planning consent.

3 I've noticed recently that there is a request for education fees, ability to prepare job unless you are planning to create a new dwelling is more than one or have a problem with the scale or the proximity of your project. You don't need to waste money. On the education charges

4. If you submit an application to have your planning within and not with the process of monitoring of their needs. They keep denying it until it is correct, and since. And most people are not familiar with these terms and, unless you ask the right questions, you are confusing this will not only waste your time but money. Wait for the current time for this route is eight weeks and if you want your project to start within a strict time frame, you don't want anything to restrain.

People are not clear on what is the difference between drawing, planning and building regulations. Unless you receive on your chest by competent local planning that you do not need planning permission for your project. You must submit these first drawing. If you are planning approval, the next stage is to either talk to the agent/architect or contractor. Who will guide you through planning two options you have available.

The first is to consult with you to create and get him. If he is prepared to continue under observation building. If they decide to do this. They, like the way the building continues, and will inspect buildings answerable when he arrives for a visit a website. If you are not satisfied with any of the methods is available at the. They have permission to make the edit, or even take down. If it does not meet with approval.

The second option will receive the agent/architect. To make a full plan for building regulations, which must be submitted to the building control for approval. This can take up to five weeks or more, and this is the fee you must pay the building control authority water inside of you to become involved in the process. When production on map You can pick up these in your creation to begin work. While at the same time. They will be sent to create a control for approval.

Your Builder, you must notify the control building of date will start as a test of political will had to be dug. Basic monitoring and condition of the soil Before the audit recommendations be approved for depth and design.

Should your drawing instead of planning as any professional that you decide. The shape scaled shape for you. When production of this scheme, you will get to the options available to you. You can decide to continue or not.

This first stage. Not free, and if you decide that the design does not work for you that can update for free or if there are important changes you need to discuss the value paid for the work to be performed. When you are satisfied with the design drawing. Your representative needs to make drawing and document all required before sending. The local planning authority with the current fee of 150.00.

Have outlined here some of the most common issues that occur during 24 years of my experience? If you want to ask me. Technical questions about the process plan, or to find anything else you feel you need to know before embarking on your project, feel free to email us or contact by phone.

Care!: If you have a contact as a builder and they have you as a construction. Without having found the full building and calculation of steel. They may well come back to you later and ask for an additional fee to explain that they do not know the full method or material which is correct. By building this may result in blowing your budget.

If you have any adult trees within 30 meters of any basic presentation planning and building control must be made aware of this when sending your application. Trees and bushes must be specified in block 1: 500 to their measured height.

In rare circumstances, depending on the condition of the soil, especially if your House is near a river bed material or land is contaminated in some way, you might want your footings Piled with this many charges to your project. If you suspect this might be the case, I recommend that you contact building control. Who will look into the history of the Web site and can arrange accumulation test to find? An architect or a company representative, your planning will not be able to know this and will not be responsible for sales, you do not have this information.


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