Best Wooden House by Jendretzki

This is the best timber home design. Located in Sag Harbor, New York, this project has been carried out by Jendretzki Design and Planning Consultants. The view is very natural around the house making it look very cool and comfortable to stay inside.
This house was redesigned from an existing house. The original house is an old traditional wooden house, but surrounded by beautiful nature. The owner will not change from the original concept of Home-Wooden, just remodel the old. The interior is very well connected to the exterior. There are several decks, terraces and stairs so that owners can easily stroll from almost every part of the house.
At night, this house is very exotic with all the classic lamps hanging on the porch posts. This view brings the owner into the past. our eyes will be spoiled with a beautiful view all day.

There is a window large enough around the house so that natural light can break into easily and owners can see the beautiful view from the room the entire house. All exterior wood work done with reclaimed-timber recycling.

Furniture design

Homes are environmentally friendly and uses high technology. It uses solar panels on the roof for electricity and rain water collection system.

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