Improve Your Kitchen Backsplash

Improve Your Kitchen Backsplash

Improve Your Kitchen Backsplash

You have many options for improving your backsplash and making it more beautiful. You can use marble tiles for your backsplash, by using tiles that have been cut into small random pieces and then attached to a net backing.

Kitchen Backsplash

You can also create a your own individual kitchen backsplash using budget glass tiles or marble. First you need to establish the size of your backsplash by measuring it. Use a sheet of paper or card, quite large, to create a template of the size of your backsplash, ensuring to make that accurate. If there are any sockets/outlets, be sure to mark those on the template also.

Kitchen Backsplash

Using the template on a horizontal surface as your base, arrange your tiles into your required pattern. This allows you to organise the tiles and change things round until you can get the look you hope to achieve for your backsplash.

Art Deco Backsplash

Next you need to cover your wall with thinset using a V-notched trowel. Using a 3/16-inch V-notched trowel, thinset the wall but dont try and do too much at once.

Bijou Kitchen Backsplash

Spread adhesive directly onto the back of the tiles, the apply the tile sheets, paper side facing out. Then apply all the marbles to finish the pattern.

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

After 20 minutes the thinset will have bonded, so wipe down the tiles gently with a warm damp sponge. Begin wiping down the paper with a damp sponge and warm water. Rub lightly to avoid disturbing the tile placement.

Kitchen Backsplash New

After 3 minutes, pull downward at an angle on a corner of the paper sheet. Damp the paper until the paper releases. The adhesive should be left for at least 24 hours to bond and dry. Mix grout in a bucket, and then grout the kitchen backsplash.


The grouting of a kitchen tile backsplash is not hard. Wipe grout from the tiles, and then squeeze all water from the sponge. Excess water will weaken the grout.

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