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In selling the house ready for occupancy magnificent minimalist or minimalist homes sold

Home address: Indonesia
Name of Housing to be on sale: Villa Citra I
Address: A block no.2
City: Bandar Lampung
Province: Lampung

Land / Building Size: 900 / 720
Number of Floors: 2
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Maid: 1
Maid Bathroom: 1
Electricity: 5500
Water Source: Well Pump
Certificate: SHM
Facing: East

Car Garage: 2
Carport: 3
Phone: 2

Water sources that could be used at home there are 2: with the well pumps and piped water facilities juaga. Each room has air conditioning and are equipped with engine house stabilator.

The main bedroom and another room above 1 have sendiri.Rumah locker room is also facilitated with the office, multipurpose room and a warehouse. The kitchen is 2: Wet and dry kitchen. There is an open space on the upper floor that can be used also for the BBQ.

Location is located in the residential homes in the city center, close with a place of worship, markets (there is also a small market in this housing complex), close with security post, 15 minutes from school.

The address can contact: Phone: 021 5381879
Mobile: 081807876262

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