Tips To Make the Minimalist Home Designs Pollution

Tips to make the minimalist home designs Pollution

Picture details on the second floor balcony, with a roof garden, and a secondary skin trick avoid sunlight directly into the house. But still there is a smooth flow of water into the house.

Tips Eco-design: Figure dream house, House Green / Eco Friendly: The house Comfortably in the middle of the water pollution.

Model dream house is not good enough if only the eye. Half thought that the ancient, self-centered and tend to be narcissistic. The concept of minimalist homes, modern homes, traditional houses, or any of today must be added an element that is environmentally friendly!

In the world of architectural concepts of environmentally friendly design called ecodesign. What are the requirement to design environmentally friendly houses? The following explanations and examples.

The house that is environmentally friendly house that integrates the entire process of unity by considering the consequences for the environment. That is, since the beginning of the process of design, development and utilization of building various aspects considered.

Aspects that should be considered primarily:
1. Consumption of resources-saving and efficient (energy, materials, water and land)
2. Emissions both to air, water and related land and environmental health
3. Others (such as noise and vibration).

If you want to apply ecodesign for your dream house, concrete can be a lot. For example, house-rich sun, so electricity can be saved. A lot of windows and a smooth air flow so you do not need air conditioning. Sufficient land for the well catchment. Green room, aka the garden which supplies clean air requirements. Installation of sewerage and waste that can be recycled. Utilization of building materials that are not wasteful. And others. And so on.

Whew, it turns out many aspects that must be diperhatiakan in design. Of course, not all designs can always accommodate all aspects. But minimal. Once again minimum: You should not spend the whole land for the house, or covered with cement. You need to take into account that every room to get sunlight and air enough. Use lights and put points on the optimal place.

In the example below we try ecodesign concepts apply in a 3-story building. Note that in each floor, we provide open space that can be used for garden or ornamental plants, abundant air flow, yet remain shielded from the sun

XGambar perspective looks home and various pieces of angle that shows the placement of green space on all floors.

Sample Image Detail architecture which shows the garden in front and behind the house. Park became integral part of the whole building.

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