Sheltered Earth Minimalist Home Designs

Sheltered Earth Minimalist Home Designs

Using state-of-the-art analysis tool called a computer, we create a model of your building, and then implement measures to improve energy efficiency and evaluating performance and cost benefits.

In addition to passive solar design and energy efficient heating and cooling systems to optimize our building design includes natural lighting and high efficiency equipment and sensors. We design energy recovery systems or natural ventilation, and we specify green building materials and Energy Star approved products.

Example Sketch Earth Sheltered Home Designs

Based on our clients needs, we provide a variety of sustainable building design elements, including the proper orientation of the sun, geothermal heat, and carefully selecting green materials. Since 1980, we have designed a variety of passive solar homes plus commercial and institutional buildings with geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Our staff prides itself on providing quality design services for our clients. Each building arranged carefully to comply with our clients needs and budget.

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