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interior design painting Tips, Modern interior design painting Before beginning your project you will need to decide if you will be working with an interior designer or doing it yourself. Do you have a personal style that you want reflected in your home

interior design painting Tips decide to use to two completely distinct styles, such as cozy county and urban contemporary, it is best to use subtle touches. The room could be predominately one style, for example contemporary, with smaller complimentary country elements interspersed throughout the room. Larger contemporary pieces, such as the sofa or entertainment center, would give the room modern appeal, while the country elements would bring the rural warmth of a vacation cabin. A single larger piece in the country style could also work with a unified color scheme. Fabrics can additionally bring the two styles into compliment using juxtaposed patterns in the same color family. Integrating collections can also bring depth to a room and are best displayed in a vertical line. Rooms with mixed styles can often be the most interesting in the house when accomplished in the right way.

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